Willems Boven Leeuwen

A robust, large-scale organisation that offers a vast range of services within the metalworking business.

The challenge

In it's 65 years of existence, Willems Boven-Leeuwen has greatly expanded their grip and influence on the world of metalworking. From yachts to piping systems, stainless steel to aluminium, they offer it all. Each service casted in its very own subdivision, without a great internet strategy a sprawl of data and information was inevitable.

So, how do you make it easy for visitors to get to the right information or find the right person to contact, without overwhelming them?

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Willems homepage layout

Smart linking to prevent repetition

The first important decision we made was to get rid of all the different subdivisions. Not literally of course, but online. We concluded that at the end of the day, person X absolutely does not care whether they are doing business with Willems Anker or Willems Aluminium. They just want a solution to their problem and want to be convinced that Willems Boven-Leeuwen is the right organisation to do just that.

Out with the old, in with the new

Instead of subdivisions we brought to life 'Solutions' and 'Market segments'. The creation of these so-called items allowed for something that Willems would greatly benefit from: a smart way to link content together.

Know exactly what solution you are looking for? Great! Click on it and you will get more information that will either confirm your assumption or help you find the right solution. Not entirely sure? You probably do know in which market segment you do business. Just click and read what Willems can do for you.

Willems segments 2x

Easily reach the person you need

Further utilising the strength of linking items we went a step beyond just linking solutions and market segments. Vacancies, articles, cases, solutions and market segments can all be linked to a team member.

Doing so will make a card of said member appear on the page. Showing a nice photo, their name, number and email address makes it very inviting for a visitor to contact them. The visitor doesn't have to fill out a generic contact form or talk to three different people on the phone. They immediately get in contact with the exact person that can help them with whatever they were looking for.

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