Cultuurfonds Almere

An incentive fund committed to strengthening, broadening, connecting and advancing the cultural sector in Almere.

The challenge

Applying for funding - even for something as fun as cultural activities - is tied to numerous rules and regulations. How can we make it easier for both the client and their target audience? Automating what needs to be automated without losing the personal touch the people of Almere know and love?

We sat out to combine a beautiful, informative website with an easy to navigate portal that takes the headache out of all processes and lets everyone focus on bringing excellent cultural events to the great city of Almere.

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Cultuurfonds almere homepage layout

A complex application flow, made easy

An application for cultural funding can be a great hassle. Not all projects will qualify and it's better to know this sooner rather than later. To make this process as painless as possible the application form is designed to take you step by step and give you excellent feedback when the system notices something is amiss.

Want to take a break? No problem! Your input is automatically saved so you can pick up right where you left off. Each question that isn't as straightforward as inserting your name includes an instruction to make sure there is no doubt about what you need to do.

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Easy connection with your CRM

As soon as someone submits their application the ball gets rolling. A new dossier is added to their contact including all submitted data. The administrator receives a notification so they can start to review the application. They can easily view all submitted data, communicate with the applicant and change the status of the dossier.


Each application has its own dossier in the CRM. This makes it easy for both the administrator and the applicant to view the current developments and status of each application.


When logged in the applicant can start a new topic. When they do the administrator gets a notification which allows them to go back and forth until the matter is resolved. This makes it easy for both parties to communicate while automatically making all communication and decisions traceable.


Sharing files like the event logo and other press materials is as easy as can be. Simply navigate to the corresponding dossier and upload the file. All files are quickly accessible both in the portal and the CRM.

Cultuurfonds dossiers 2x

The personal touch with 'Culture Scouts'

Cultuurfonds Almere has always been and will always aim to be a down-to-earth organisation. This balances out the strict regulations they have to comply with. Need someone to help you with your application? Want to organise a brainstorm for the concept you're trying to set up? No problem at all!

Automation with a personal approach

Maintaining this level of personal contact when automating your processes can be quite challenging. Luckily Cultuurfonds Almere has a team of trustworthy 'Culture Scouts' that each manage one of the five districts of Almere. A map on the website makes it easy to see which scout you need to contact when you have a question about organising a cultural event in their district.

Close contact within the portal

Further, each application gets assigned to a scout who will help you each step of the way in getting your application approved. Within your private portal you will be in close contact, able to quickly get the answers you need to ease the endeavour of setting up your own cultural event.

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