About me

Specialising in UI/UX design and branding for nearly 8 years I have helped numerous clients find their place in the big digital world.

The best concepts start in a sketchbook

Born in the small town of Beneden-Leeuwen in The Netherlands I went from doodling during Dutch class to visualising complex flows and creating stand-out visuals for clients.

A deep dive into freelancing straight after graduation taught me numerous things that I still benefit from today. Including the fact that networking really isn't my thing. This eventually fuelled my decision to quit and start working full-time. The continuous stream of new and exciting clients allowed me to improve my skills, push boundaries and try out new things.

Nowadays I consider myself to be a versatile digital designer in a world that keeps on evolving and therefore allows me to evolve with it. Excited for what the future might bring.

Programs I use regularly

  • Sketch Logo


    The most used program on my Macbook. It allows me to create flowcharts, wireframes and designs without limits.

  • Figma Logo


    Very similar to Sketch and rapidly gaining populariry, I can't help but use it for a project every now and then.

  • Illustrator Logo


    In my opinion still undefeated in ease and posibilities to create logos, icons and other visuals. Though very much on the lookout for an alternative.

  • Photoshop Logo


    The program many of us used to design websites in the past. Reduced down to 'the program where I touch up a photo every now and then'.